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Zeppelin University: a multidisciplinary university for tomorrow's decision-makers Zeppelin University is a state-recognised and privately funded endowment university bridging Business, Culture and Politics. Zeppelin University defines itself as an individualised, international and interdisciplinary educator of well-rounded decision makers and creative innovators in the fields of business, culture and politics, as well as a multi-disciplinary research institution exploring issues relevant to society. Zeppelin University is a “Pioneering University” which focuses on the special interests and skills of students and researchers. Our objective: the uncompromising pursuit of academic curiosity and excellence. In 2010 and 2011, ZU was the first German university to successfully conduct a separate accreditation procedure with the German Council of Science and Humanities for the right to award doctorates. 

Our concept: to bridge business, culture and politics We define management as the desire “to make the improbable probable” – the maxim of our patron, airship pioneer Graf Ferdinand von Zeppelin, whose innovative ideas changed the shape of business. Applying this axiom, the university addresses the rapidly growing demand for decision-makers and creative personnel, educated in a multi-disciplinary manner, in the fields of business, culture, media, and public policy. Zeppelin University’s research explores scientific Interfaces between scholarly disciplines in order to find solutions to today’s socially relevant questions. 

Our teaching: hard and soft skills Zeppelin University’s curriculum places equal emphasis on the development of students’ personality and the acquisition of an excellent academic qualification by balancing today’s relevant management and communication tools (‘doing tools’) with decision-making abilities, methodical thinking and specialised theoretical knowledge (‘thinking tools’). 

Our research: grassroots and evergreens Zeppelin University’s research focuses on scientific trend and scenario analysis characterised by innovative new hypotheses for potential issues (Grassroots) and on generating fresh solutions to persistent social issues (Evergreens). 

Our student body: pioneers ready to assume responsibility Top decision makers and creative thinkers are natural pioneers who, negotiating difficult terrain, translate their objectives into reality—just like our graduates. The university community is characterised by natural pioneers: students and scholars possessing scientific curiosity and dedicated to academic excellence and social responsibility. 

Our degrees: fully recognised & fit for the future Zeppelin University offers four Bachelor of Arts and six Master's level degrees in business, culture & communication, and public governance. Thus, Zeppelin University has already implemented the long term goal of introducing Bachelor’s and Master’s programs across Europe as required by the Bologna Process. 

Our location: globalisation by way of regional heritage on the shore of Lake Constance Zeppelin University is one of the few waterfront universities in Germany. Friedrichshafen on Lake Constance is a key location in a three nation triangle consisting of Germany, Switzerland and Austria, one of the most geographically striking, competitive and dynamic regions in Europe. Building upon its regional heritage, Zeppelin University specifically seeks active partnership with global universities and institutions with the goal to welcome international students into the university community. The main geographical areas of international cooperation today are the United States, Asia, Brazil and Eastern Europe. 

Our sponsors: a fusion of private and public teamwork Zeppelin University is supported by private and corporate donations and tuition. Through their generous contributions sponsors of Zeppelin University assure the State of Baden-Württemberg of the university’s long term financial future.

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