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Cyprus International University is located in North Cyprus, just outside the capital city of Nicosia. Founded in 1997, the University offers over 100 degree programs to students from over 100 countries. The University is affiliated with the Levent Group of companies, and has close links with companion enterprises in construction, international trade, manufacturing, energy, banking, dairy-farming, poultry farming, and agriculture, and various other sectors. This enables the University to offer an outstanding hands-on learning experience spanning classroom, campus, and a wide variety of work environments.


We help students attain the knowledge, skills and progressive values that will promote career opportunities, ensure sustainable living, and contribute to the development of society. Within our unique environment, our innovative student-centred approach incorporates cross-disciplinary learning, use of advanced technology, and a strong focus on independent learning.


We will offer students an exceptional opportunity that transforms and enriches the quality of life. Through continuous improvement of teaching, research, and real-life experience, our graduates will be recognized in society for their contributions as educated, engaged, and ethical agents of change.

Quality Policy

To foster an Institutional Culture of Quality Student-centered Education through all stakeholders’ involvement in quality assurance and the enhancement of educational, governance, research and student support services and activities.

Quality Strategy

In the light of stakeholders’ continuous feedback and quality assurance activities to systematically prioritize areas for improvement in the provision of Student-centered education and services and take required action.

CIU Quality Outcomes

We are committed in our vision to helping our learners become educated, engaged, and ethical citizens, ready and willing to take on new challenges in a rapidly changing world, and develop the quality of life of both themselves and others.

Upon graduation, CIU students will have:

CIU QO 1: Learned how to learn effectively and shown commitment to lifelong learning,

CIU QO 2: Proved that they can study and work independently,

CIU QO 3: Mastered the fundamental knowledge and skill-sets of their field,

CIU QO 4: Demonstrated they can apply critical, creative, and analytical approaches to their study and work,

CIU QO 5: Made safe, secure, and ethical use of technology for study and work purposes,

CIU QO 6: Demonstrated that they can collaborate successfully within a variety of contexts,

CIU QO 7: Shown that they can communicate effectively within international study and work environments,

CIU QO 8: Transferred their learning into concrete practice in real work contexts,

CIU QO 9: Shown commitment to green initiatives and other ethical practices in study and work environments.

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