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Greenland Survey also called Asiaq is a sub-section of the Greenland Government; however we are also allowed to operate as a private enterprise. Asiaq's purpose and tasks are laid down in Landsting Decree no. 18 of 28 October 1993 on Greenland Survey. Asiaq is a for profit business under the Ministry of Housing, Nature and Environment. According to the Landsting Decree, Asiaq is responsible for obtaining knowledge at a high international level, which will make it possible for the Greenland society to plan and exploit the physical environment and resources. In this way, Asiaq contributes to the development of a self-sustaining Greenland society.

Asiaq's core tasks are to collect, file, analyse and disseminate data on the physical (non-living) environment in Greenland. Our data are derived from mapping of towns, settlements and parts of the open land, measuring of water resources, climate and current weather as well as construction-technical surveys. Furthermore, Asiaq participates in research activities performed in Greenland.


Asiaq's mission may be read in the Landsting Decree and it is the basis of Asiaq's vision, which moreover is adapted to the interested parties in the Greenland society. The purpose is to uncover the social requirements for knowledge within Asiaq's work areas on an ongoing basis for a time span that is longer than the three-year action plan, e.g. seven years. At present, Asiaq has the following objectives:

  • A knowledge and counselling centre for Greenland, which also reaches the individual citizens.
  • Internationally recognised data holder of data from the physical environment in Greenland.
  • Competent employees, who can strengthen knowledge and growth in the Greenland society.
  • More projects with local and external partners.

Strategic objectives

The strategy of implementing the vision is revised every three years prior to renewal of the Action plan:

  • Extending our cooperation with potential applicants, so that our knowledge may boost growth in the Greenland society.
  • Being more proactive with regard to consultancy services for authorities on issues where the physical environment has socio-economic importance.
  • Being more attractive as a partner, also to Danish institutions such as KMS, DMI, GEUS and DTU
  • Ensuring our participation in international development and research projects with relevant knowledge transfer within the fields of geographic data, hydrology and climate as well as obtaining foundation grants
  • Asiaq must be an attractive workplace where responsibility and social values are fundamental.

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