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The Greenland Institute of Natural Resources conducts research into Arctic ecosystems, monitors the living resources and the environment in Greenland and advises the Government of Greenland and other authorities on sustainable exploitation of living resources and safeguarding the environment and biodiversity. The Institute has 2 departments: Department of Fish and Shellfish Department of Birds and Mammals A cross-disciplinary Danish/Greenlandic climate centre: The Greenland Climate Research Centre is imbedded in the Greenland Institute of Natural Resources. The centre conducts research into effects of climate change on the Arctic environment and Greenlandic society.


The Greenland Institute of Natural Resources conducts research into Arctic ecosystems and how they are affected by climatic and human impacts. Research primarily focuses on living marine resources – fish, shellfish, marine mammals and birds,as well as land-based resources – land mammals and vegetation. Research is directed towards physical and chemical processes in the environment in relation to climate change and its impact upon fisheries, hunting, construction, and transport. Research is carried out in collaboration with international institutions and includes:

  • biology of species and their interactions –
  • distribution of populations – through tagging, satellite tracking and genetic analysis.
  • mapping of food availability – by satellite photography, and vegetation and plankton analyses
  • oceanic climate, ocean currents, and sea ice – by satellite photography and measurements of physical and chemical parameters
  • melting of the Greenland Ice Sheet and freshwater flux into the sea – through measurements and photography
  • analyses of logbooks from hunting, bycatches and sample measurements
  • experiments with instrument technology, enclosures, etc.
  • interview surveys of fishermen and hunters

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