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The mission of Universidade NOVA de Lisboa is to serve society on a local, regional and global level. As a university institution that wishes to be a reference, it is focused on the following plans:

  • An international profile with an emphasis on second and third cycles, but founded on solid first cycles, focused on its students and providing them rigorous knowledge, creativity, critical spirit and sense of citizenship and justice that enables professional success and leadership;
  • A collaborative investigation, responsible and internationally relevant, concentrating on interdisciplinary areas and including an investigation targeting the resolution of problems that affect society;
  • A service that promotes solidarity and sustainable development in the health, economic, technological, cultural and social plans, founded in the region of Lisbon and compromised on a national and international level, dedicating special attention to the countries where the Portuguese Language is spoken;
  • A wide base of interinstitutional participation, oriented to an integration of different scientific cultures with the purpose of creating innovative synergies for teaching and research.

Statutes of Universidade NOVA de Lisboa, published in DR, 2.ª Série, n.º 91, de 11 de maio de 2017 (In Portuguese)


Developed by the Universidade Nova de Lisboa, the Strategic Plan (2012-2016) has become a valuable tool to support the University's management keeping it continuously focused on the identified strategic areas.

Illustrative scheme of the strategic plan of Universidade NOVA de Lisboa

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