Underwood International College, Yonsei College

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Since its founding in 1885, Yonsei University has been the gold standard of higher education in Korea.

Its mission has been simple yet ambitious: to provide future global leaders with an elite, interdisciplinary and international education. While the style and content of that education have evolved, Yonsei remains dedicated to educating students in the spirit of Christianity, fostering a strong and lasting commitment to the principles of truth and freedom. By holding firm to these essential principles, Yonsei has upheld its long and rich tradition of excellence while positioning itself as Korea’s most modern, forward-looking, and liberal institution of higher education.

With its enduring commitment to international education and its world-wide network of partner institutions, Yonsei University has played a crucial role in advancing the academic study of Korea's long history and cultural heritage, while at the same time educating the Korean people about the world beyond its borders. For well over 120 years, Yonsei has served as a principal conduit for the flow of knowledge into and out of Korea. For this reason, Yonsei is recognized throughout Asia and the world as Korea’s most innovative, internationalized, and inclusive university. By combining academic excellence with Christian values, Yonsei has joined the ranks of the world’s premier universities.

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