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Research Training Group (RTG) 1947 “BiOx”
Research Training Group (RTG) 1947 “BiOx”
Greifswald, Germany

Research Training Group (RTG) 1947 “BiOx”

In aerobic environments life has adapted to reactive oxygen species (ROS) and to reactive nitrogen species (RNS) in various ways, e.g., (i) by developing effective systems to destroy ROS/RNS when they reach harmful levels, (ii) by using ROS/RNS as signal messengers and regulatory effectors, (iii) by using ROS/RNS in immune defence.

In an interdisciplinary and interfaculty approach we aim to overcome the traditional boarders between biochemistry, biophysics, medicine, botany, and pharmacy to analyse the mechanisms of ROS/RNS production and interaction with all constitutents of biological membranes. Therefore the RTG is organized in three intimately linked focus areas with multiple methodological overlap:

  1. Production and membranetargeting of ROS/RNS.
  2. Chemical and physicochemical effects of ROS/RNS on membranes.
  3. (Patho)physiological consequences of ROS/RNS modified membranes.

This interdisciplinary and interfaculty research approach is accompanied by an adequately scheduled teaching program for the trained PHD students.