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The RE-DWELL consortium is composed of 10 higher education institutions — in whose doctoral programmes the ESRs will be enrolled — and 12 partner organizations — where they will carry out their secondments.

RE-DWELL’s innovative research programme and environment will provide a platform for a holistic analysis of affordability and sustainability of housing through a transdisciplinary perspective.

A holistic approach is necessary to understand the interactions across multiple scales −housing unit and building, city and region and realms −physical and social structures, social and urban environments−. It is essential to face the endemic lack of affordable and sustainable housing from new perspectives in order to understand all the dimensions (architectural, urban, social, economic, political, environmental, governance) involved and their multiple inter-relationships. This approach will enable:

1. at the methodological level, the development of a novel analytical framework to understand the multiple relationships between affordability and sustainability of housing.

2. at the substantive level, the production of new knowledge to further inform the production of affordable and sustainable housing in Europe.

RE-DWELL will increase our knowledge and understanding about the compatibility between affordable and sustainable housing across Europe through a holistic and transdisciplinary research and training programme. The research programme is structured into three areas which will become intertwined through the ESRs individual research:

1. Design, planning and builiding

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2. Community participation

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3. Policy and financing

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ESRs will have the opportunity to carry out their transdisciplinary research by focusing on one the three research areas and interlinking it with topics belonging to the other two. A transdisciplinary research framework will be collaboratively developed by the ESRs to interlink the issues embraced in the three areas. The creation of this framework will be supported by the training activities. A Supervisory Board consisting of experts from multiple fields will assure the interdisciplinarity of the ESRs research projects. Through the secondments, ESRs research will be carried out in an environment which combines academia, industry, administration and community.

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