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OpenGeoHub foundation is located at the Wageningen Campus, within the Agro Business Park. Wageningen is a student town with a population of about 45,000 from which about 13,000 students. Wageningen University's researchers are active around the globe, and the university hosts students from over 100 countries. Wageningen is the third municipality (after Den Hague and Amsterdam) with highest entho-diversity per square-km in the Netherlands.

OpenGeoHub works closely with EnvirometriX Ltd (innovation, research and consultancy) which is the commercial branch. Both OpenGeoHub and EnvirometriX are start-up organizations aiming to become applied research institutes with about 15 staff in 2020+.

OpenGeoHub missions

We are experts at defining, designing, creating, and implementing spatial databases on global and regional scales as well as information and monitoring systems that are based on objectivity, transparency, and updatability. We are especially good at documenting the processing steps and boosting the predictive mapping accuracy using Open Source software solutions. By further combining pedometrics and environmetrics with econometrics, we aim at providing economic frameworks for a realistic cost-benefit analysis.

We also recognize that the value of any data is in its beneficial and profitable use, so, it is really important to us that our data get widely used to do good things and that we make every possible effort to facilitate and encourage this beneficial use. Our mission is, thus, to help public organizations and businesses to base all such decisions on accurate, reliable, and accessible information.

We also believe that greening the planet and mitigating the climate change effects are the most noble goal of modern life. Moreover, we believe that these goals need to be achieved via scientifically informed design and evidence-based decision-making involving objective data, reproducible computational notebooks, the use of state-of-the-art statistical modeling, and iterative updates. We are dedicated to increasing the capacity of people to utilize Open Source software to create new solutions and designs. We use modern technologies to do good and help transfer data and knowledge from where it is in excess, to where it is most needed.

We have done consultancy and data production work for European Commission, UNCCD, The Nature Conservancy and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Our core philosophy is outlined in this document (see also our Medium article on OpenLandMap.org).

Our working style

We closely follow the Agile approach to software development and programming. We frequently use sprint tele-conferences and discuss things through Mattermost, WhatsApp and similar. We believe that people are more productive if they get more autonomy, creative freedom and if they have a clear vision of the purpose for their work (see Daniel Pink: "Drive"). We hence support that our employees spend up to 2 days a week on their own projects / personal development (remote working in this periods is also a possibility). Further details of such arrangements need to be discussed per employee.

Our offices are open 24hrs a day 7 days a week. We have our own infrastructure for computing and plan to make significant investments in computing, visualization and server infrastructure in the years to come.

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