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About the employer

We are the largest Intellectual Property consultancy firm in the Netherlands and Belgium and one of the leading firms in Europe. NLO has branches in The Hague, Amsterdam, Ede, Eindhoven (all of which are in the Netherlands) and in Ghent (Belgium). Please do not hesitate to contact one of our experts if you are looking for a reliable and knowledgeable partner who takes a personal approach that will help you move forward.

Tailored to your needs

Your adviser is not only a subject matter expert, but he or she will also tailor your teamwork to your needs. You decide how often you want status updates. You determine how you want to be contacted: by telephone or by email, whatever you prefer. If you want us to drop by for a personal meeting, we would be happy to do that too.

Long-term relationship

Our personal approach often results in a long-term relationship. Sometimes, an NLO adviser has provided services to one particular organisation for so long that he or she can also tell you about its patent history. This is not that strange, since NLO has been around for 130 years. We were even involved in drafting the first patent act in the Netherlands.

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