Nestlé Institute of Health Sciences

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The Nestlé Institute of Health Sciences does fundamental research for the understanding of health and disease and for developing science-based targeted nutritional solutions for the maintenance of health.

Our objectives

  • Build the scientific platforms to elevate and expand the role of nutrition
  • Create knowledge to better define and target appropriate nutrition interventions
  • Apply these insights to the future of targeted nutrition for the maintenance of health.

Read more about our Scientific Approach and Research Areas.

Nestlé global R&D

The Nestlé Institute of Health Sciences is part of Nestlé’s global R&D network and works closely with Nestlé’s Swiss R&D sites, such as the Nestlé Research Center and the Clinical Development Unit, as well as with Nestlé’s global R&D network to share resources and complement expertise in differentiating technologies.

There are more than 30 Nestlé R&D and Product Technology Centres worldwide. Click here to find out more about Nestlé’s global network.

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