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NEOMA Business School has the ambition to be an innovative challenger to the world's leading business schools. Driven by its strategic plan, NEOMA Business School is building the school of tomorrow and rethinking its approach to international development, teaching, the use of digital technology and campus design.

The school offers an extensive portfolio of programmes across its campuses in Reims, Rouen and Paris, from Bachelor’s and Master’s in Management to Executive Education, for over 9,500 students.

The faculty includes more than 160 permanent professors and research-professors, 60% of whom have an international profile. NEOMA Business School has more than 59,500 graduates based in 120 countries.

Presided over by Michel-Edouard Leclerc, the School has been granted the status of Consular Higher Education Institution (EESC). The Dean is Delphine Manceau.


At NEOMA Business School, we know one thing for certain:
in an ever-changing world, education must open up new pathways.
This is why we are challenging traditional educational models to teaching content to equip our students to play an active role in the transformation of companies and of today's society, and provide them with the skills they need to pursue the professions of tomorrow.

In an era of artificial intelligence, we also believe in human intelligence.
In an era of individualism, we foster empathy and collaboration.
In an era of globalisation, we believe that uniqueness comes from a person’s character, values, commitments, and passions.
Because having a passion, means having direction, because we are ourselves passionate, we guide our students and encourage them to innovate, to experiment, to take initiative. We want them to find themselves, to find the best pathway to their own fulfillment, to develop skills rather than merely learn techniques. We encourage them to strive for better, to lead the transformation of society and to meet any challenge, both in France and around the globe.


This is how NEOMA Business School trains passionate people, inspired and inspirational economic players who yearn for meaning, and are fully capable of building tomorrow’s society:
the architects of tomorrow.

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