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Within the Campus SophiaTech, integrated at the heart of the first european techno-park, Labex UCN@Sophia offers to researchers, students and industrials a unique platform of international outreach for research, training and innovation on User-Centric Networks.

Around a common vision which positions the user at the centre of the network, Labex UCN@Sophia concentrates the knowledge and skills of 120 IT and telecommunications researchers to invent next generation networks services: smart data searching, reliable and effective distributed applications, high performance and energy-efficient wired or wireless infrastructures as well as a network ensuring the safety and the privacy of data.

Intelligent transport systems and e-Health (autonomy at home) are the two application domains chosen to show the contributions of the methods and techniques developed and to carry out experimentations in real conditions.

The Labex UCN@Sophia research program accompany the emergence of the digital society. It is conducted under a context of massive growth of needs (connected citizens), number of connected devices (Internet of objects) and of the volume of the available data (Big data) which require a new generation of networks (5G) and a genuine social reflection.

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