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IGBMCThe "Laboratory of Excellence" (LabEx) INRT is conducted by the Institut de génétique et de biologie moléculaire et cellulaire (IGBMC).

“Laboratory of Excellence” INRT


The LabEx INRT is IGBMC’s ambitious flagship project until 2020. It pursues an integrated strategy to explore mechanisms of the regulation of gene expression in development, physiology, and disease. The LabEx INRT explores mechanisms of the regulation of gene expression in development, physiology, and disease by federating new and current teams around 3 major research priority areas and by developing a cutting edge technology and support framework to tackle major questions of fundamental and clinical relevance. investissements davenirBuilding upon the strengths of IGBMC’s scientific departments and on its emerging scientific research areas, the LabEx INRT is committed to addressing major challenges in the areas of nuclear dynamics & epigenetics, regenerative & translational medicine, quantitative & systems biology. The LabEx INRT enables the IGBMC

  • to recruit high-profile group leaders (Chairs of Excellence) in these priority research areas and to develop a cutting-edge technology environment.
  • to place training as a priority through IGBMC's highly competitive international PhD programme and launch a new program for internships.
  • to increase innovation detection and exploitation of results for technology transfer and impact on the socio-economic environment.

Our strategy enhances the attractiveness and the international competitiveness of the LabEx INRT teams.

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