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LabEx IMobS3 aims to become, within 10 years, an international reference centre for the mobility of persons, manufactured goods and machines thanks to the development of environment-friendly technological building components, dealing both with technological, organisational, environmental and societal aspects of the mobility. Plaquette 4 images IMobS3 specificity is based on the implementation of solutions for sustainable mobility involving cooperative approaches crossing various disciplines and combining training, education and research aspects. Thus, the «Mobility» thematic, addresses with a multidisciplinary approach, will able the LabEx IMobS3:

  • to become a breeding ground for ideas and new expertises production;
  • to attract and train French and foreigner students, coming from various disciplinary courses;
  • to translate theses advances by placing on the market innovations in the mobility domain.

Moreover, because of its rich scientific community, Engineering Sciences being especially supplemented by Human and Social Sciences, LabEx IMobS3 is able to address acceptability and ergonomic notions for innovative mobility vectors proposed.

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investissements davenir  eujaune  AURA 

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