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investissements davenirThe “Laboratoire d’Excellence” CeLyA (Lyon Acoustics Center) is a network created in 2011 and linking together the researchers working in acoustics and vibration around Lyon. Its research activities concentrate on three main directions: the characterization and control of noise sources; the propagation of acoustic waves through complex media; and the effects of acoustic waves on human beings. A permanent staff of 75 researchers and more than 80 PhD students and Postdocs are working on the following main research topics:

  • celya-imgAeroacoustics
  • Vibroacoustics
  • Active noise and vibration control
  • Signal and image processing
  • Transportation noise
  • Ultrasound for medical imaging and therapy
  • Non destructive evaluation
  • Sound perception
  • Psychoacoustics and Cognitive psychology

celya-img2 More info and contact: http://celya.universite-lyon.fr/; Prof. Daniel Juvé, daniel.juve@ec-lyon.fr CeLyA founding members and main domains of activities:

  • LMFA (Fluid Mechanics and Acoustics, Centrale Lyon, U. Lyon 1 & CNRS)
  • LVA (Vibration and Acoustics, INSA Lyon)
  • LTDS (Tribology and Vibroacoustics, Centrale Lyon & CNRS)
  • CREATIS (US imaging, INSA, Univ. Lyon 1, INSERM & CNRS)
  • LabTau (US therapy, U. Lyon 1 & INSERM)
  • CRNL (Cognitive sciences, U. Lyon 1, CNRS & INSERM)
  • LGCB (Building and Civil Engineering, ENTPE)
  • IFSTTAR (Transportation Institute)
  • ENES (Bioacoustics, U. Jean-Monnet & CNRS)

Each year CeLyA organizes a summer school on a different topic (signal processing in 2012, porous materials in 2013, perception of music in 2014). In July 2015, the theme of the school will be: Vibroacoustics in the mid and high-frequency range. CeLyA is funding PhD theses, exchange programs for PhD students and visiting scholars. CeLyA organises or sponsors regularly scientific workshops and conferences in acoustics. celya-img3

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