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The major focus of the labex Cappa relies on the whole aerosol system and its precursors, allowing a better understanding of their role on the climate : radiative forcing and hydrological cycle. Additionally, the labex investigates the evolution of air quality at local, regional and global levels with specific concerns for radionuclides. It is a fundamental mission of the Laboratory of Excellence CaPPA - Chemical and Physical Properties of the Atmosphere - to further promote the northern region of France as a center of excellence in research and education. In bringing together 7 research groups, the labex CaPPA creates a multidisciplinary synergistic partnership strongly contributing to metrological innovations in the field of atmospheric environment. It therefore takes effectively part in the regional and national socio-economic development. investissements davenir

7 laboratories:

LOA, PC2A, ICARE, LASIR, LPCA, PhLAM and SAGE Laboratoire d'Optique Atmosphérique (LOA) Laboratoire de PhysicoChimie des Processus de Combustion et de l'Atmosphère (PC2A)  Centre Cloud-Aerosol-Water-Radiation Interactions (ICARE) Laboratoire de Spectrochimie Infrarouge et Raman (LASIR) Laboratoire de Physico-Chimie de l'Atmosphère (LPCA) Laboratoire de Physique des Lasers, Atomes et Molécules (PhLAM) Laboratoire Sciences de l'Atmosphere Genie de l'Environnement (SAGE)

5 partner institutions:

CNRS, CNES, Mines Douai, ULCO and Université Lille 1 CNRS CNES Mines Douai ULCO Université Lille 1

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