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This is a new architectural education, aimed to create a new high-quality approaches for study, as well as develop new kind of work with the actual challenges of our time. The purpose of the KhSA is to prepare a future generation of professional responsible architects and urbanists who will implement spatial changes in Ukraine and will create a quality environment with an emphasis on modern technology solutions, community challenges and new ideas.

The school has an ambitions to become the center of discussions of the most most urgent problems of the profession. So, we launched the Public Program, the series of open lectures and discussions with the participation of future teachers and school guests.

During the year various workshops and events of our partners and friends take place at the school. The school space is filled with music and theatre festivals (Plan B, School Testo), concerts of classical music, exhibitions of Ukrainian and foreign architects, artists, etc. Now the space of KhSA attracts a very diverse audience and has already became a cultural hub of the city.

At the end of each zero-year course (once per four weeks), public presentations with the criticism of students are held at the school. The main event is the final presentation of the Zero Year, where students will present a portfolio of works made during the entire school year.

In September 2017 the opening of the Kharkiv School of Architecture took place. And this practice will continue. Every year in early September the Opening of the Year will be arranged. It will be an event, where students and guests of the School will be able to celebrate the beginning of the year, to familiarize themselves with the school program and to attend lectures of future tutors and friends of the School.

In May 2018 the Open Doors Day program will begin.


Kharkiv has always been a city of new ideas, great ambitions, active cultural and intellectual life. The launch of the new architectural school in Kharkiv is not accidental choice. Exactly the founding of the university gave the impact to the development of the city in the nineteenth century. Nowadays Kharkiv plays an incredibly important role, because it stands on a civilizational fault and it's still in constant search. The city with a young student's face has enormous scientific potential, as well as wide prospects for young professionals, who will become representatives of a new generation of architects who will study in the KhSA. Kharkiv is a place of great opportunities for those who are ready to accept the challenge and take part in the creation of modern history.

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