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IRISA is today one of the largest French research laboratory (more than 850 people) in the field of computer science and information technologies.
Structured into seven scientific departments, the laboratory is a research center of excellence with scientific priorities such as bioinformaticssystems securitynew software architectures, virtual reality, big data analysis and artificial intelligence.

Located in Rennes, Lannion and Vannes, IRISA is at the heart of a rich regional ecosystem for research and innovation and is positioned as the reference in France with an internationally recognized expertise through numerous European contracts and international scientific collaborations.

Focused on the future of computer science and necessarily internationally oriented, IRISA is at the very heart of the digital transition of society and of innovation at the service of cybersecurity, healthenvironment and ecologytransportroboticsenergyculture and artificial intelligence.

IRISA is a joint-venture resulting from the collaboration between eight institutions, in alphabetical order: CentraleSupélec, CNRS, ENS Rennes, IMT Atlantique, Inria, INSA Rennes, Université Bretagne Sud, Université de Rennes 1.
From this collaboration is born a force that comes from women and men who give the best of themselves for fundamental and applied research, education, exchanges with other disciplines, transfer of know-how and technology, and scientific mediation.

Logos des 8 tutelles de l'IRISA

Functional organization of research

IRISA is structured into 7 scientific departments, with 8 transverses themes.

Director: Guillaume GRAVIER

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