International Max Planck Research School for Evolutionary Biology

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The IMPRS Evolbio is an international graduate school dedicated to highest level research and training in all areas of contemporary Evolutionary Biology.

The International Max Planck Research School for Evolutionary Biology (IMPRS Evolbio) started as the only IMPRS in the federal state Schleswig-Holstein in autumn 2010 on the basis of a cooperation between the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Biology, the Christian Albrechts University in Kiel and the Helmholtz Center for Ocean Research (GEOMAR).

The graduate school is dedicated to the highest level of basic research in all areas of contemporary evolutionary biology. The study program incorporates a broad variety of research topics including molecular evolution, behavioral biology, evolutionary theory, mathematical modelling and organismal evolution.

The structured program of our IMPRS does not only include the own scientific work but also includes mentoring by a thesis advisory committee (TAC) as well as an individually coordinated curriculum of regular lab and soft skill courses, workshops or seminars. The training is supplemented by scientific presentations at our annual IMPRS retreat or by attending conferences.

The doctoral thesis and its funding by the IMPRS is designed for three years. English is the official language within our graduate school, German beginner courses are offered for foreign students . 

We are very international: About 75 percent of our more than 50 doctoral students come from abroad, namely they currently come from 26 different countries. Our faculty consists of 30 leading scientists from all three participating institutions in Kiel and Plön.

The Mission

Evolutionary biology is currently in a major renaissance, fuelled by advances in theory building and new experimental options that have opened up in the wake of the rapid progress in genomic technologies. It has a broad cross-disciplinary portfolio to offer, from molecular biology and genomics to the analysis of social interactions and economic decision making. Our research school offers access to the full breadth of these approaches with highest level research projects and dedicated training. Our major research topics include:

  • host microbe coevolution
  • the genetic basis of adaptions
  • comparative genomics
  • sexual selection and mate choice
  • evolutionary game theory
  • life history, ecology and speciation

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