Institut de Génétique Moléculaire de Montpellier (IGMM)

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IGMM is a plurithematic institute in Biology and Health Research founded in 1993.


IGMM’s ambition is to conduct fundamental research of excellence that is relevant to molecular and cellular medicine, with a particular emphasis on cancer and specific infectious and genetic diseases. The IGMM has a long-standing and well-established international reputation in the disciplinary domains constituting its main research themes: Function and Maturation of RNAs, Genetic and Epigenetic Regulation, Tumorigenesis, Cell Cycle and Death, Immunology, Viral Infectiology and, more recently, Metabolism.

More than 220 people currently work at IGMM, which provides a highly attractive scientific and cultural environment with 27 different nationalities represented. The staff at IGMM is partitioned amongst 18 research teams and various logistic services and platforms.

IGMM is also an educational and training institute owing to its intense and high-level scientific and intellectual animation. Amongst other activities, these include regular internal and external seminars, scientific manifestations and meetings as well as practical workshops on cutting-edge topics in modern biology. Every year, IGMM welcomes and hosts numerous PhD students, post-doctoral researchers and other trainees, as well as foreign visiting scientists. Moreover, IGMM is engaged in international training networks, including different Initial Training Networks (ITNs) of the European Marie Curie-Sklodowska Program.

Researchers at IGMM have access to all experimental facilities required for cutting-edge research owing to our in-house service platforms and those of our Montpellier partner institutes. UMS BioCampus is the umbrella structure which coordinates the technological platforms of Montpellier. These include L3 safety laboratories, animal facilities (transgenesis, homologous recombination and imaging of small animals), state-of-the-art cell imaging, cytometry and cell sorting, genomics and proteomics, etc.

IGMM is located on the historical CNRS campus of the "Route de Mende". It is physically connected to its two neighbour institutes, the Center for Research in Macromolecular Biochemistry (CRBM) and the Infectious Disease Research Institute of Montpellier (IRIM), with whom it shares numerous programs and objectives. Together, the three institutes represent of research potential of 600 people and constitute an exceptional intellectual and technological environment. Moreover, IGMM has numerous links and collaborations with industry, university hospitals and with other research institutes, not only in Montpellier, but also at the national and international level.

Finally, IGMM would not be what it is without its exceptional quality of life as well as the solidarity amongst its personnel and teams. This prevailing harmony and solidarity stems from the concerted and combined efforts of all its members: our technicians, administrative staff, students, post-doctoral researchers, staff scientists and our group leaders. I am grateful to all for this remarkable and outstanding spirit, which is an essential key to their success.


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