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About the employer

ICFO is a young research institution that aims to advance the very limits of knowledge in Photonics, namely the science and technology of harnessing Light. Light, especially laser light, is one of the major enabling technologies currently available to humankind. Our research thrusts target the global forefront of photonics, and aim to tackle important challenges faced by society at large. We focus on current and future problems in Health, Energy, Information, Safety, Security and caring for the Environment.

Our most valued assets are our PhD students and post-doctoral researchers. They are bright, ambitious young women and men, with a talent for discovery and strong moral values, who aim to achieve difficult but important goals. Central to our mission is the training of the next generation of scientists and technicians through courses, seminars, access to cutting-edge experimental infrastructures, and mentoring by researchers that are among the best in the world in their field. This training aims to equip talented students with unique capabilities that help them become future leaders, either in the academic or in the industrial world.

ICFO’s core spirit is ingenuity, fascination for the unknowns, and hard work, attitudes shared by many researchers around the world with whom ICFO researchers continuously interact and correspond.


Careers @ ICFO

As an institution, ICFO strives to be a resource for science, technology and talent, and to provide ICFO researchers with unique skills to become successful and independent future leaders, both in the academic and industrial worlds. ICFO provides cutting edge facilities, a stimulating international and interdisciplinary environment, as well as high-level training and extended administrative support for national and international researchers, at different career levels, with backgrounds in scientific disciplines related to Optics and Photonics and their applications, including Physics, Engineering, Mathematics, Chemistry and Biology.

ICFO researchers receive career advice while at ICFO and benefit from the numerous partnerships ICFO maintains with the academic and industrial world. ICFO's strong Corporate Liaison Program and wide network of international partners are testament to the strategic importance the Institute places in maintaining close ties with the industrial world.

ICFO researchers are recruited to perform a research project as part of both medium- and long-term programs, aligned with regional and national regulations and according to the requirements of the European Charter for Researchers and The Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers, adopted by the European Commission as a Recommendation to the Member States in 2005, with the aim to improve working conditions and to ensure attractive research careers within the European Research Area.

At the end of their research project, ICFOnians are encouraged to continue their careers at other internationally recognized institutions or in industry. They leave ICFO also relying on a strong Alumni network, a resource for creating new opportunities, connecting ICFOnians and ICFO Alumni all over the world.

Videos related to ICFO, the Institute of Photonic Sciences: https://www.youtube.com/user/ICFOnians