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FBK is the top Research Institute in Italy, ranked at the 1st place for scientific excellence within 3 different subject areas and for the economic and social impact according to the latest quality of research ANVUR evaluation.

Being the result of a history that is more than half a century old, through 2 scientific hubs, one dedicated to technology and innovation and one to human and social sciences, more than 400 researchers, FBK aims to results of excellence in science and technology with particular emphasis on interdisciplinary approaches and to the applicative dimension.

We achieve this thanks to our constant attention to collaborations and exchange activities with research organizations, both institutional and corporate, national and international, which extend our innovation capability and involve the community and the local economy in the circulation of knowledge and technologies.

FBK and Artificial Intelligence

From the expertise built in 30 years of research to an innovative vision for the Artificial Intelligence of the future, this is the mission of the FBK Strategic Plan for the decade 2018-2028.

FBK directs its research to the experimentation of an Artificial Intelligence that collaborates with people and does not replace them.

FBK’s holistic vision directs the multiple skills for scientific-technological innovation and for social and cultural innovation to AI.


The Mission of Fondazione Bruno Kessler can be summarized in five main points:

1. Scientific research of excellence

2. Attracting talent and resources

3. Internationalization

4. Social and technical innovation

5. Impact on the local communities

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