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Founded in Le Havre in 1871, Ecole de Management de Normandie is one of the oldest established French business schools. Incorporated as a Higher Education & Research non-profit association (under the 1901 Act) and operating under private law, EM Normandie operates 5 campuses in Caen, Deauville, Le Havre, Paris & Oxford. The School's Board of Trustees is chaired by François Raoul-Duval, and EM Normandie has been managed by Director General Jean-Guy Bernard since 2004. The teaching approach has been founded on 3 pillars: Openness to the world, Close relations between Faculty and students, and Humility. Such are the pedagogical principles applied at EM Normandie. In accordance with these tenets, the School has developed in its various programmes an innovative approach to learning and progression based on those three pillars:

Professionalisation at the heart of the student study paths

Professionalisation plays a leading role in the School's pedagogical approach. A definite must for students, daily immersion in the enterprise gives them the opportunity to apply on the field the academic knowledge acquired in class. The majority of EM Normandie programmes offer several months minimum on a work placement. The School has also designed other entry points into the professional world. In addition to work placements, Junior Consulting Projects (HEC Entrepreneurs in partnership with Groupe HEC Paris), cooperative schemes, Challenges, and the Negotiation Contest*, all give the opportunity to consider professional careers in a novel way thanks to innovative and concrete approaches. To help students in their job search, the Corporate Relations Service offers contact with its network of 5,000 companies, all closely involved in the School's life and supporting its dynamism. With a membership of 13 564 members, Réseau EM Normandie unites both students and graduates form all programmes, and offers work placements and employment opportunities.. Internationalisation : a must To join EM Normandie means moving out of the French domestic territory, and discover new cultures and countries, and to build a résumé that looks like a passport.

The world on your doorstep

With 730 foreign students from over 20 nationalities welcomed every year, 9  Foreign Languages taught on campus and nearly 70 visiting faculty , you will enjoy cross-cultural exchanges everyday.

Citizens of the world

Over 201 partner universities will offer you full expatriation experiences throughout your studies in the School.

Personal development

The objective EM Normandie pursues is to prepare you for a successful professional insertion. Beyond academic inputs and the many action learning opportunities, the School coaches you in your personal development. The pedagogical team is present and available to stimulate your intellectual potential, to develop your talents for detecting opportunities, to develop your team spirit , and to educate you to become responsible managers who show respect.

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