Several locations Tarragona, Spain
Rennes, France
Liège, Belgium
Groningen, Netherlands
Paterna, Spain
Heidelberg, Germany
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The D-CARBONIZE project funded under the HORIZON-TMA-MSCA-DN programme, aims to educate the next generation of scientists that represent the future leaders in the field of sustainable polymers and depolymerization strategies, biocarbon valorisation and innovative catalytic strategies. Doctoral candidates will benefit from the following:

An extensive network-wide training programme offering courses in the areas of science and technology, business, as well as generic, transferable skills

The opportunity to work in a multidisciplinary team within a European-wide consortium of leading high-education institutions, research centres and companies that form an innovation community offering excellent research and training both in R&D and entrepreneurship.

With the wide range of skills and experience gained in the D-CARBONIZE project, doctoral candidates will have broadened their career perspectives and increased their employability, whether they decide to pursue a career in academia or industry.

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