Biosciences and Biotechnology Aix-Marseille (Biam)

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The BIAM is organized in 7 laboratories, 2 technological platforms and one platform of microscopy. It has about 100 permanent staff (160 persons with non permanent researchers​​).

The institute is interested in the living responses to environ-mental constraints, the bio-conversion mechanisms of energy and the production of energy-rich molecules (bio-energy). It develops biotechnology to safeguard the quality of the environment and health (biosensing & bioremediation) or to produce biofuels

  • Subjects and biological models: bacteria, microalgae and plants.
  • Methodological approaches: The multidisciplinary approaches call upon physiology, genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics, biochemistry, structural biology, molecular modeling and cellular imaging.
  • Programs in which the institute participates: CEA transversal programs (toxicology); CNRS programs (biodiversity, ecological engineering, energy, health and environment, ecotoxicology).

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