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Bioforsk, the Norwegian Institute for Agricultural and Environmental Research, conducts applied and specifically targeted research linked to multifunctional agriculture and rural development, plant sciences, environmental protection and natural resource management. International collaboration is given high priority.
Multifunctional agriculture
The development of a multifunctional and sustainable Norwegian agriculture, including rural development represents the framework of our agricultural research. Our Research and Development activities (R&D) are aimed at enhancing viable farming based on the diverse agro-ecological conditions, and on the potentials of the agriculture and horticulture crops grown in Norway. Modern field trial and greenhouse facilities are important parts of our research capacity. Food security and safety are the overall objectives in our agricultural research projects. Our R&D activities are directed towards end-users, such as the agro-industry and extension services, as well as policy support at regional and national levels.
Plant sciences
Plant science constitutes Bioforsk's core competence. Understanding the basic processes in plants, and knowledge of pests, diseases and weeds, is required to develop good plant protection strategies. The fundamentals of plant biosynthesis is of major importance to produce plants for defined purposes. Plant biotechnology is needed to understand the basic processes in plants, how they are controlled and how they can be altered.
Environmental sciences
Soil, water and wastes, and terrestrial ecosystem processes, represent the overall framework of our environmental R&D activities. Our approach are targeted towards research on processes in terrestrial ecosystems, new technologies for remedial measures and adaptations, and monitoring systems for policy support. Integration of research and science, together with consultancy services, gives a multidiciplinary platform ensuring relevance for end-users and stakeholders.
Research areas
  • Arctic Agriculture
  • Organic food and farming
  • Soil, water and environment
  • Plant health and Plant protection
  • Grassland and landscapes
  • Horticulture and urban greening
  • Cereal grains, potatoes and vegetables

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