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Graduates of Anglo-American University are prepared to make a positive difference addressing local, national and international challenges through the analysis and application of current and developing knowledge in the context of a globalized world.


AAU aspires to be a leading university in the Czech Republic recognized for innovation and quality in teaching and learning with a commitment to societal excellence in a globalized world.

Statement on Academic Freedom
Anglo-American University's educational, research, advisory and other academic duties are rooted in a deep respect for academic freedom and its observation and promotion as we consider it to be one of our major values. Freedom of speech, learning and teaching, freedom of thought and research, and a right to express or to challenge one's opinion represent the fundamental components of AAU's academic freedom for faculty, staff and students. The academic, ethical and moral responsibility of AAU educators and researchers towards students, AAU's academic community, and AAU as an institution represent an integral part of the concept and conduct of academic freedom at Anglo-American University.

Statement on Diversity
Anglo-American University values and encourages the diversity of its student body, faculty and staff. Its leading principle is democracy – the treatment of every person, whatever their background and point of view, with dignity and respect. AAU is proud to be a university with an international, multicultural and multi-ethnic academic community. Its policies, principles and codes, educational and teaching philosophy, and performance as well as all other operations and work correspond to the university's definition of values, among which diversity is one of the most important.


  • Academic excellence: Conduct quality programs based on innovative practical learning and maintenance of a qualified and diverse faculty.
  • Personalized education model: Utilize seminar and project-based education styles with a strong focus on individual needs to develop a knowledge base, creativity, and problem solving skills. Prepare students for life and career success.
  • Student focused: Exhibit behavior, and/or make decisions that demonstrate the importance of all students (degree-seeking and study abroad) as key customers of the university. Seek to actively contribute to their personal success.
  • Diversity, inclusivity and multiculturalism: Engender a multicultural campus environment. Encourage diversity of the student body, faculty and staff. Treat every person with dignity.
  • Innovation and flexibility: Promote open discussion and support academic freedoms. Actively seek original thought from students, faculty and staff to encourage innovative solutions in the classroom. Improve operating efficiency and strengthen academic programs. Adapt well to change.
  • Non-profit university: Operate excellent affordable education through professional administrative staff, qualified faculty, and external partners that communicate and collaborate with integrity as team players.

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