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The University of Stuttgart believes that continuously pursuing this mission statement requires a strict orientation on the governing principles of

  • the commitment of all science to truth as well as
  • the suitability of technical solutions with a view to contexts of use taking into account natural and social compatibility.

The University of Stuttgart does justice to its claims by

  • integrating engineering, natural sciences, humanities, social and economic sciences to form one common profile,
  • providing innovative solutions at the highest level, which have a marked and sustainable effect in international competition on the basis of intercultural competence and correspond to the global challenges,
  • creating a productive cooperation with the economy, cultural and political institutions from the city, the state, the federation, Europe and the world and
  • having a scientific and technological transfer, starting from the university and influencing the university.

Moreover, it is striving to broaden its field of vision by placing university research and teaching on the broad international horizon of various requirement situations and cultural prerequisites. The University of Stuttgart pursues these ambitions through

  • responsible research,
  • strengthening the unity of research and teaching,
  • promoting internationalism,
  • promoting innovation competence through supporting top performances in research, teaching and the promotion of young researchers and
  • promoting the equal opportunities of all people belonging to the university and the equality of the sexes.

Correspondingly, the University of Stuttgart acts according to the values of

  • the development of the personalities and achievements of all those belonging to the university,
  • the fostering of a cooperative organisational culture,
  • international teamwork and solidarity,
  • interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary communication and cooperation and
  • sustainability on the basis of respecting the quality of the environment and life.

Taking into account its principles, values and demands, the University of Stuttgart has put its strategic orientation for the coming years into words in three goals:

  1. Further development to form an internationally acknowledged research university
  2. Excellent teaching
  3. Integration of engineering, natural sciences, humanities, social and economic sciences to form one comprehensive university profile.

With its endeavour to achieve its goals and to meet its demands, it will face the challenges of globalisation and internationalism. It will expand its core competences in a worldwide cooperation network of partner universities. It will welcome changes in political framework conditions, which will strengthen the autonomy of the universities and und ease the profiling under its own responsibility. It has a positive attitude towards university competition and is committed in the institutions which make this competition transparent.

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