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The Università degli Studi di Perugia, founded in 1308, is one of the oldest universities in Italy and one of the most accredited, offering a wide variety of courses in all fields of education. Our goal is to provide students with the finest quality degree programmes and academic opportunities within a stimulating multicultural environment, along with the opportunity to enjoy an excellent lifestyle and foster their personal and academic growth while studying at the highest level.

In addition to the many services and facilities available to all of our students, we offer specialized support services to International students, providing useful information about University courses, visas, health insurance services, enrolling procedures and everything students may need in order to enjoy their stay with us and benefit from an inspiring and supportive learning environment.

The Founding of the University

In medieval times, the greatness of a city did not lie only in the importance of its political institutions or its commercial potential, naturally connected to its military might, but also in its ability to educate and promote the diffusion of advanced thought; and in its capacity to promote the development of a particular way of thinking that would significantly contribute to the advancement of society as a whole. These issues were certainly on the minds of the political elite that managed and supervised the City of Perugia as demonstrated by the City Statute of 1285, which provided for the City's promotion and creation of a University, or Studium ut civitas Perusii sapientia valeat elucere et in ea Studium habeatur ("so that the City of Perugia would shine with knowledge and that in it there would be a Studium"). In fact, in the decade prior to the Statute, the City's public administration was already concerned about providing higher education to city residents. Evidence of this has been found in the City's archives and this evidence has been used by some scholars to cite 1276 as the real year in which the University was established. 

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