Tsinghua Shenzhen International Graduate School

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Launched in March of 2019, Tsinghua SIGS is a research and graduate education institution of Tsinghua University located in southern China. Building upon Tsinghua’s academic legacy and Shenzhen’s innovative resources, our students and faculty are dedicated to tackling global challenges through cutting-edge research and collaboration.

International. Borderless. Entrepreneurial.

  • International

    By diversifying faculty and student bodies, engaging in high-level collaboration with overseas partners, and internationalizing campus resources, Tsinghua SIGS cultivates students global competencies and nurture them as future global leaders.

  • Borderless

    By transcending boundaries between academic disciplines, industry and the surrounding community, Tsinghua SIGS openly shares resources and expertise to develop interdisciplinary solutions for global challenges beyond its physical location.

  • Entrepreneurial

    By exploring innovative forms of pedagogy and restructuring its academic governance and administrative systems, Tsinghua SIGS reshapes graduate education to meet rapidly changing industry needs.

 Academic Disciplines

Tsinghua SIGS has set up academic disciplines that promote interdisciplinary research and learning. They include Materials Science, Data Science & Information Technology, Biopharmaceutical & Health Engineering, Ocean Engineering, Future Human Habitats, Environment & Ecology and Innovation Management.

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