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The need to target specific problems

Every year 250 – 300 children and adolescents are diagnosed with cancer in Austria. Thanks to the rapid progress in biomedical research, which has continuously improved diagnosis, treatment and prognosis, the majority of these childhood cancer patients can be saved today. For those who cannot yet be cured, we are working hard to develop new and improved treatment options. In order to increase the chances of recovery for every single patient, we must continue to exploit the full potential of modern research methods, aiming to adjust every treatment to the specific nature of the individual illness.

Joining forces against cancer
The unique collaboration of diagnostic services, world leading cancer research and outstanding clinical competence has positioned the Children’ Cancer Research Institute together with the St.Anna Children’s Hospital as a cutting-edge children’s cancer competence centre.
The close and fruitful cooperation of researchers and clinicians has been one of our key success factors, generating tremendous advantages when it comes to dealing with clinically important questions.
In addition to basic and clinical research, the Children´s Cancer Research Institute conducts and coordinates a number of national and international clinical studies, thereby playing a key role in the development of paediatric oncology. As a result, an extensive network of national and international research collaboration provides access to the most modern and cutting edge technologies and therapies worldwide, making it possible for us to offer the best of modern medicine and research to children and young people suffering from cancer.

Prof. Wolfgang Holter, MD
Director CCRI

Cancer doesn’t care about age

Cancer in children is rare with approximately 1 in 500 affected and representing only 1% of all cancers in humans. It is very different from the typical epithelial cancers of adulthood.

Paediatric oncology is an orphan disease area needing the full support of the society to give children and adolescents an improved perspective for high-quality long-term cure.

The St. Anna Children's Cancer Research Institute (CCRI) advances diagnosis, prognosis and treatment strategies for children and adolescents suffering from cancer by conducting basic laboratory, translational and clinical research into the specific features of different paediatric cancers with the aim to make the most innovative treatment options available to young patients.

Prof. Helmut Gadner, MD, MD (HC)
CCRI`s former Director

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