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SPW Economy, Employment, Research (SPW EER) implements the policy of the Walloon government in the fields of economy, employment and research. It represents Wallonia within the Belgian R&D ecosystem and ensures the relay of European programs. 

Faced with the major changes in our economy – globalization, digitalisation, climate challenges – the SPW EER is defined as the indispensable lever for business growth, the safeguarding and development of quality jobs and the support for innovation. 

Within SPW EER, SPW Research manages mechanisms to support applied research and technological innovation towards companies, universities, universities, public research bodies and accredited research centers. 

It supports companies in their participation in regional, federal, European and international programs, such as ERANETs, European Partenrships, EUREKA / EUROSTARS …

Finally, SPW Research organises actions to raise awareness of science and technology and promotes research conducted at universities and colleges. 

The annual budget of SPW Research is about 500.000.000 €.  

Do not hesitate to have a look at htpss://recherche.wallonie.be

Our offices are located Place de la Wallonie, 1, in BE 5100 Namur (Belgium).

Follow us on Linkedin : https://www.linkedin.com/groups/4761551/

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