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Located in Yverdon-les-Bains, the School of Management and Engineering Vaud (HEIG-VD - Haute Ecole d'Ingénierie et de Gestion du Canton de Vaud) offers nine Bachelor programs in engineering and business management. With its 1,500 students, it is the largest partner in the University of Applied Sciences of Western Switzerland (Haute Ecole Spécialisée de Suisse Occidentale, or HES-SO). HEIG-VD occupies an urban campus with three locations in Yverdon-les-Bains, at Route de Cheseaux, Centre St-Roch and Centre Y-Parc.

The HEIG-VD offers ten Bachelor of Science programmes:

  • Business Administration
  • Energy and Environmental Engineering
    • Building Energy Efficiency
    • Industrial Thermal Engineering
    • Thermotronics
  • Microengineering
  • Systems Engineering
    • Mechanical Design
    • Thermal Engineering
    • Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
    • Embedded Electronics and Mecatronics
    • Energy Systems
    • Electronics and Automation
  • Computer Science & Engineering
    • Software Engineering
    • Embedded Systems
    • Management Systems
  • Telecommunications
    • Computer Network
    • Information Security
  • Geomatics
    • Geomatics and Land Management
    • Construction and Infrastructures
    • Environmental Technology
  • Media Engineering
    • Print and Interactive Media
    • Management
    • Information Technology Management
  • Engineering and Management

In conjunction with the HES-SO the following Master of Science programmes are offered: Master of Science HES-SO in Business Administration Master of Science HES-SO in Engineering Master of Science HES-SO in Land Management

Mission statement HEIG-VD

Switzerland has a long-standing tradition of multiple languages, international trade and humanitarian missions. The fairly young Universities of Applied Sciences in Switzerland focus on professional education at University level, including state-of-the-art technologies and international cooperation in the areas of student and staff exchange as well as applied research. We strongly believe that an understanding of cultures other than our own is an indispensable part of today’s education and tomorrow’s reality in an increasingly interdependent global society. HEIG-VD, the School of Management and Engineering Vaud, therefore offers study abroad programs as part of the curriculum to its students and welcomes every year a number of international students for regular classes or projects.

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