Royal School of Library and Information Science

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The Royal School of Library and Information Science (RSLIS) educates information specialists, communications specialists and librarians. Our graduates are experts in the interaction between information needs, cultural consumption and digital media.

RSLIS has nearly 1000 students and about 60 faculty members. RSLIS has two branches, one in Copenhagen (Birketinget, near the University of Copenhagen, Campus South) and one in Aalborg (Fredrik Bajers Vej).

RSLIS educates undergraduates, librarians, graduates (cand.scient.bibl.) and PhDs in information science and culture. RSLIS also offers a diploma and a master's degree.

After completing a bachelor's degree, students have the opportunity to choose a seventh semester, a so-called business-related project, that gives them the title Librarian DB.

RSLIS's education programs target tasks in both public and research libraries, public administration, organizations and private companies. Librarians and graduates are also employed as information specialists, researchers, web managers, document managers, knowledge managers, information workers and cultural mediators.

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