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Renaissance Fusion is the first Magnetic Confinement Fusion company in the European Union, with the goal of bringing fusion power to the grid. We are building the first net-electricity producing stellarator by combining proprietary innovations in modular design, the manufacturing of next-generation High-Temperature Superconducting (HTS) magnets, and liquid metal walls. We are growing our team of the brightest, most driven scientists and engineers to realize this mission within 10 years. Our office and lab are located in Fontaine, just outside of Grenoble, by the French Alps.

Research profile

Our innovative HTS coil manufacturing has the potential of drastically reducing the complexity and cost of stellarator coils. We are researching novel first-wall technologies based on flowing liquid lithium and are performing neutronics modeling to minimize the required blanket thickness. Our theoretical research currently focuses on optimized equilibria and coil designs, with the goal of eventually combining the two in integrated coil-plasma optimizations and exploring uncharted territory in high-field, burning stellarator plasmas. Our fusion-enabling technologies find application in other fields, from medicinal imaging to mobility and energy storage. We collaborate with researchers in the academia, national and international laboratories all over the world.

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