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As of 1 January 2007, the public administration system in Denmark was completely reorganised. A total of 13 county authorities were discontinued and instead, the country was divided into five regions. The Region of Southern Denmark consists of four of the former counties:

  • Fyn
  • Ribe
  • Southern Jutland
  • Vejle (the southern part of that county)

The tasks previously handled by the county authorities have now been divided up between the municipalities, the Danish State and the new regions. The regional authorities are responsible for the hospitals, some of the former county social and psychiatric institutions, and regional development. The Region of Southern Denmark is the largest workplace in the region, employing around 25,000 people. Measured in turnover, the Region of Southern Denmark is also a true heavyweight, with an annual budget of DKK 20.3 billion. This is larger than the budget for the Danish armed forces, and the figure is also greater than the turnover of the biggest industrial companies in Denmark.

From 78 municipalities to 22

The Danish municipalities have also undergone major changes as on 1st January 2007, many of them were merged. The number of municipalities in Southern Denmark has been reduced from 78 to 22. The new large municipalities have taken over many of the assignments previously handled by the county authorities. For example, they are now responsible for prevention and rehabilitation, many of the social services’ arrangements and institutions, and a host of environmental tasks. In addition, a large number of assignments are now to be handled by the regional and municipal authorities in collaboration.

Close working relationship

The regional authorities’ tasks are to be handled through close working relationships with the new large municipalities – and, in many cases, in collaboration with citizens, knowledge institutions, the business community and organisations. These working relationships will operate in both formal and informal forums. The “Growth Forum” is one of the formal collaboration bodies, involving representatives from the Regional Council, municipal boards, education institutions, the business community and others. Another such forum is the “Contact Committee”, in which the mayors and the Regional Council Chairman are to meet regularly. However, the Regional Council cannot levy tax. All expenses are to be covered by the State and municipal authorities.

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