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It takes effort to build a reputation as an international engineering school and be an active partner in technological, economic and social development. Polytechnique's staff members have made the institution what it is today through their ideas, vision, energy and common objective—that of making Polytechnique a success, always aiming higher. The administration, professors, lecturers and managerial and support staff have combined their efforts and contributed in their own way to Polytechnique's intellectual reputation and influence in society. Our mission is also supported by the major contributions of the School's Foundation and its alumni, helping Polytechnique continue to be a leader in its field. Since its founding, Polytechnique has had one enduring priority—its students!


Polytechnique is more than just a teaching establishment—it is the accepted reference in engineering, with high-quality teaching and research activities that continually challenge the limits of knowledge. Discover something unique: Polytechnique!


Founded in 1873, Polytechnique Montréal is one of Canada's leading engineering teaching and research institutions. It is the largest engineering university in Québec for the size of its student body and the scope of its research activities. With over 37,000 graduates, Polytechnique Montréal has graduated 25% of the current members of the l’Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec. Polytechnique provides training in 16 engineering specialties, has 241 professors and more than 6,900 students. It has an annual operating budget of over $200 million, including a $72-million research budget.

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