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The universities established in France during the 1960's were considered new and fresh, not only referring to the physical age of the buildings, but the mentality and spirit that came along with it. This spirit included innovative ideas, ambitions and motivations. It offered students a new way to analyze and evaluate the world around them in such a way that had not been common years before. Not only that, the 1960's offered more opportunities to study for young adults from diverse social and ethnic backgrounds. This era was marked by the yearning desire of society to progress and evolve socially, economically and politically.

2016 marks a pivotal moment for the University of Rouen as the 50th anniversary. For the past fifty years, the university has upheld the same spirit as in the 1960's, among faculty, staff and students alike, encouraging progression in the modern world. Over the years, the university has developed, both internally and externally, and it is necessary to highlight and celebrate such accomplishments. Looking forward, we aim to always progress and enhance the students experience at the University of Rouen. How can we facilitate learning? How can we expand upon our research opportunities? Where can we improve?

Progression is continuous and must always be reflected upon and analyzed. Our aim is to form innovative, analytical students that are ready to enter the professional world and contribute something meaningful and useful to society. The spirit that came with the foundation of the university will live on.

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