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NordForsk is an organisation under the Nordic Council of Ministers that provides funding for and facilitates Nordic cooperation on research and research infrastructure.

NordForsk was established in 2005 by the Nordic Council of Ministers for the purpose of strengthening Nordic research. NordForsk’s key stakeholders comprise the national research councils, universities and other research-funding bodies. Together we work to identify common Nordic priorities and provide funding for research and research infrastructure.

Through the financing and administration of research programmes NordForsk brings together national research groups and promotes research activities of the highest scientific quality.

NordForsk seeks to enhance the quality, impact and efficiency of Nordic research cooperation, thereby helping the Nordic region to become a world leader in research and innovation.

NordForsk has its headquarters in Oslo, where it is co-located with its sister organisations, Nordic Innovation and Nordic Energy Research.

Nordic cooperation
The formal cooperation between the Nordic countries is amongst the oldest and most extensive regional cooperation in the world. The cooperation is built on common values and a willingness to achieve results that contribute to a dynamic development and increase Nordic competencies and competiveness.

The purpose of Nordic cooperation is, on the one hand, to make it attractive to live, work and do business in the Nordic Region, and on the other hand, to strengthen the Nordic countries internationally. This is done by Nordic cooperation in many areas, such as research.

Nordic cooperation involves Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden as well as the three autonomous areas, the Faroe Islands, Greenland and the Åland Islands.

The Nordic Council is the Nordic parliamentary cooperation forum. The Council acts as an advisory body for the Nordic governments.

The Nordic Council of Ministers is the Nordic governments' cooperation forum. Representatives of the governments meet in the Council of Ministers and, for example, draw up the Nordic conventions. There are 11 policy councils of ministers, and the cooperation is coordinated by a 12th council of ministers made up of the ministers for Nordic cooperation in the member countries.

Many of the Council of Ministers’ activities are carried out in the Nordic institutions, projects and initiatives. NordForsk is such an institution, working with Nordic research collaboration and research policy. NordForsk is organised under the Nordic Council of Ministers for Education and Research (MR-U).

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