National Cooperative for the Disposal of Radioactive Waste (Nagra)

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The employees of the National Cooperative for the Disposal of Radioactive Waste (Nagra) are making an important contribution to realising the safe, long-term disposal of all radioactive waste arising in Switzerland.

The public has a right to know how we are fulfilling our responsibilities. This mission statement summarises our objectives and the principles that guide our work.

Our mandate

Safe long-term disposal of radioactive waste in deep geological repositories is a challenging task that we are committed to implementing in the interests of man and the environment. The Federal Government and the Swiss people have granted a legal mandate for this work to be carried out as a matter of national importance. 

The basis for our work

Safety has the highest priority in every stage of a radioactive waste management programme. We therefore carry out our scientific work with care and diligence, following objectively verifiable principles. Our employees have to meet high technical and ethical standards. We work together in all areas with recognised experts and institutes from both Switzerland and abroad. We strive continually for improvement and operate an integrated quality management system.

Our objective

Our aim is to construct safe geological repositories for all radioactive waste arising from the use of nuclear energy and from medicine, industry and research without delay and at reasonable cost. The applications for the general licences required for the repositories will be prepared and submitted within the framework of the sectoral plan for deep geological repositories. 

Our strength

Our greatest strength lies in our highly qualified and committed staff. Over the years, our interdisciplinary team has built up an internationally recognised technical knowledge base. We keep track of worldwide developments in science and technology as part of a continuous learning process. We present our employees with challenging tasks and provide the opportunity for extensive contact with the scientific community and the public.

Understanding the need for information

We can only achieve our objectives if our work is widely accepted by the public. We therefore provide information on the status of our activities regularly, in good time and without reservation.

Our future

We see our work as a commitment to both present and future generations. Now that we have demonstrated the feasibility of disposing safely of radioactive waste in Switzerland to the satisfaction of the authorities, the next step is to work together with all stakeholders to find suitable sites for geological repositories and to construct and operate these facilities safely.

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