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Metanomics Health GmbH is a biotech company based in Berlin, Germany.

With our team of metabolomics experts, we provide highly robust and reproducible analysis of metabolite pathways and their changes in response to disease, pharmaceutical intervention, and nutrition.

Our cutting-edge technology includes state-of-the-art statistics, proprietary bioinformatics tools and biomedical expert interpretation of high quality data sets. We provide unique information about mechanisms of action, new drug targets and predictive drug safety. These decision-enabling biomedical data can accelerate drug development by reducing risk, increasing efficacy, and helping to identify therapy responders.

In Berlin we host a state-of-the-art metabolite profiling facility with more than 20 mass spectrometry instruments.

We are actively increasing our fruitful collaborations with academic partners, and with international clients in the food & feed industry, in diagnostics, and in biobanking based on our unique products and services.

We look forward to welcoming you here, to start a collaborative working relationship that will lead to sustainable success for both parties.

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