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The Luxembourg National Data Service (LNDS) is an established and financed organization by the Luxembourgish government in November 2022. Our mission is to facilitate and promote the generation of value from public sector data in Luxembourg (and support at the Europe level), aligning with the government's vision to position the country as a leader in the data economy.

Collaborating closely with public stakeholders and industry partners, we create data spaces to enable efficient and responsible data reuse, playing a vital role in establishing a thriving research and innovation ecosystem. As a provider of services, we support the sharing and reutilization of data for both public and private data partners. 

Additionally, we are committed to becoming a key contributor to the European Data Spaces, outlined in the European Commission's data strategy. By harnessing the potential of data, we aim to accelerate Luxembourg's economic, ecological, and societal transitions in smarter and more sustainable ways.

We are fast growing, from 7 initial employees to 15 in March 2023 and 28 in July 2023. We plan to grow up to 50 by the end of year 2023.

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