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The Institute of Informatics and Telematics is part of the National Research Council and is based in the CNR research area of Pisa. It also has a secondary branch located on the campus of the University of Calabria in Rende (CS).

Pisa was the cradle of computer science studies in Italy: the first department of Computer Science and the first Italian electronic calculator were born here. Our mission today derives from this recent history: to achieve excellence in scientific research and technological innovation in all areas of study concerning the Internet and its social and technological evolutions, from mobile (5G) and pervasive networks to the Internet of Things, from social network analysis to cybersecurity, from algorithmics applied to the Internet to intelligent systems and emerging technologies related to artificial intelligence and quantum computing.

From the site of CNUCE, the CNR institute from which the IIT was born, Italy was connected to the Internet for the first time on April 30, 1986. As a consequence of this historic event, in fact, the Institute carries out activities of innovation and technological development, dedicated to the Internet and its applications. Since its inception, the IIT has managed the .it Registry, the registry of Italian domain names, a fundamental service for promoting the spread of the Internet and digital culture throughout society, from businesses to citizens.

The Institute participates, also with a coordinating role, in numerous regional, national and international research projects. It is part of two National Centers of Expertise on Industry 4.0, Artes 4.0 and Start 4.0, and is the promoter of the National Committee for Cybersecurity Research, of the Tuscan Center of Excellence on Cybersecurity (C3T) and on Artificial Intelligence and Big Data.  

Since February 2022, IIT-CNR has also been part of the IBM Quantum Network.

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