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HyperBoost is a training network in the field of oncology, covering all disciplines. HyperBoost will train 14 ESRs (PhD candidates) in multidisciplinary innovative scientific preclinical, clinical, technical and complementary skills, seconded to private / public / academic sectors in multiple countries and build relations with potential future employers.

Interest in multi-modality cancer treatments is rising, and there is an urgent need for highly skilled multi-disciplinary researchers and professionals capable of translating complex clinical questions into multi-modality oncological approaches, in turn leading to more effective clinical applications, benefitting more patients and boosting business opportunities for small/medium enterprise across Europe.

Thermal treatments using hyperthermia at 40-44°C have profound biological and clinical effects and are successfully used as cancer treatment combined with radiotherapy and chemotherapy. Development of an advanced personalised treatment planning platform for hyperthermia is at the core of HyperBoost ("Hyperthermia boosting the effect of Radiotherapy").

HyperBoost is designed to train and equip early stage researchers with transferable, multi-disciplinary skills essential in high-end biomedical research and engineering, clinical hyperthermia and translational oncology. The HyperBoost training network will involve all relevant sectors (hospitals, academia, industry, patients) and integrate all disciplines: clinical and pre-clinical studies, physics, bioinformatics, computer science, statistics, mathematics, ICT infrastructure, ethical and societal aspects.

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