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Gotland University was established in 1998 and is one of the youngest universities in Sweden. It is located in the World Heritage city of Visby on the island of Gotland, a geologically and ecologically unique island that is surrounded by the Baltic Sea. Gotland's rich historical past and beautiful natural environment attracts visitors from all over the world. These features as well as the many yearly cultural manifestations that take place all over the island create and enhance a stimulating learning environment for students and teachers alike. Gotland is a very dynamic region that favours education and actively promotes national and international exchanges and collaboration. 

As the first university in Sweden, Gotland University has adopted a Liberal Education philosophy. Its mission is to prepare the student for personal growth and professional success while engaging him/her in today's complex world. Multidisciplinary teaching will achieve this. It implies that besides compulsory courses, the students can select courses according to their interest. 

For example, a student wishing to become a designer and who has a strong interest in ecology could choose from among courses in design and construction in combination with courses in ecology and biology. All year around, quality 'on-campus' and 'internet-based' programmes and courses are offered in Swedish and English. The choice includes a Master Programme in International Management and independent courses in Archaeology, Osteo-Archaeology, Cross Cultural Studies, IT/Business Administration, International Business Relations, European Studies, Game Design, Building Conservation, Object Antiquarian Studies, Russian, History, Human Geography, Ethnology, Ecology and Art History. Outstanding lecturers and international experts come to teach at Gotland University. 

Theory and practice are readily combined through participation in local businesses and regional affairs. Innovative thinking and a great sense of commitment are typical characteristics of both students and staff, which are reflected in our academic and working philosophy. Gotland University strives to promote quality in its many international exchanges and cooperation projects, and has been approved as an Erasmus University Charter institution by the European Union. Academic credits are translated according to ECTS (the European Credit Transfer System).  

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