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Ford Otosan is a public company in which Ford Motor Company and Koç Holding have equal stakes. Thanks to a strong infrastructure and high synergy created with the cooperation of its two long-established partners, Ford Otosan has become leading company of Turkish automotive industry with the highest production capacity. As Ford Otosan is now 'export champion' in Turkish automotive industry for the fourth year consecutively, it is also the 2nd largest industrial corporation of Turkey.

Commercial vehicle production hub of Ford Europe
After starting as a distributorship in 1928, Koç Group's automotive journey gained an industrial dimension with the foundation of Ford Otosan in 1959. After a 54 year history, Ford Otosan is today positioned as the commercial vehicles production hub of Ford Europe with its production capacity of 415.000 commercial vehicles as of the end of 2014. Overall assessment of Ford plants worldwide shows Kocaeli Gölcük and Eskişehir İnönü plants among the "Best Vehicle Production Centers" while Kocaeli Yeniköy Plant where Ford's new light commercial model Transit Courier will be produced with a capacity of 110,000 was put into service in 2014.

Turkey's biggest R&D organization
With a strong emphasis on product development ever since its foundation, Ford Otosan started this process early with the production of the first and only Turkish brand Anadol and strengthened its competence in this field through new projects during the subsequent years. Ford Otosan owes its success in making the R&D and engineering works one of its major export items to having Turkey's largest private R&D organization. Employing 1,350 R&D engineers, Ford Otosan continues R&D employment in automotive sector. Ford Otosan, endowed with the ability of designing any financially viable project from the scratch, has put into service Turkey’s largest R&D center at single point in 2015. Ford Otosan Sancaktepe R&D center hosting Turkey’s first CAVE lab as well as engine software development laboratuary and design studio, plays an important role in Ford’s global projects. Ford Otosan realizing an engineering worth more than 300 million USD between 2010-2014 is also named patent champion of Turkey’s automotive industry with 110 patent applications in 2014.

Strong after-sale service support
Having fostered a deep-rooted business partnership with its dealers, Ford Otosan is represented by strong names that add value to this partnership throughout Turkey. Ford brand vehicles are provided maintenance, repair and service works via expert authorized service companies.

Social sensitivity
Distinguished also with its sensitivity on social responsibilities, Ford Otosan contributes to increased quality of education by building new schools in the areas of its operation, founding laboratories in the vocational high schools, and by donating equipment to the existing facilities and offering scholarship to the students.

A promise for the future: Go further
After entering 2012 with Ford's global new brand motto of 'Go Further', Ford Otosan gives the promise of thinking always the further for the purpose of creating a better world for its employees and its customers along with its discourse always seeking "to go further".

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