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  • ÉTS has upwards of 8,000 students, with more than 2,000 at the graduate level (close to 400 at the doctorate level).
  • More than 1,500 new students enter ÉTS every year.
  • Includes 160 professors, 30 senior lecturers and many lecturers from industrial background
  • ÉTS offers 101 study programs: 25 at the undergraduate level, among which 7 bachelor's degrees; 76 at the graduate and doctorate levels.
  • Almost one out of four engineers in Québec is a graduate of ÉTS (750 new engineers) – Close to 17,000 graduates since 1974, and nearly 1,500 at the graduate and doctorate levels.
  • The placement rate for graduates is close to 100%. Each graduate receives an average of 8 job offers.
  • ÉTS places more than 2,850 interns (in excess of 3,400 offers) every year at some 1,100 companies ($30 M for all students combined).
  • Nearly two-thirds of graduates find careers in SMEs and SMIs.
  • 75% of our research activities are conducted in collaboration with industry, with an average of more than 200 companies.
  • Nearly one-quarter of students come from outside the greater Montréal area.
  • Funding for research and innovation exceeds $30 M.
  • ÉTS comprises 26 research chairs, including 7 institutional chairs, and 37 groups of researchers who produce close to 700 publications every year (articles, conferences, technical reports, etc.).
  • Industry representation in ÉTS board of governors: 50%

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