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Pregnant and lactating women, infants, elderly and patients of all ages with special nutritional needs deserve nutritional support. Nutricia Research uses life science, food science, technology and the drive and expertise of over 600 employees to deliver nutritional products to those with special needs.

Nutricia Research is the global R&D organisation behind Early Life Nutrition and Advanced Medical Nutrition, divisions of Danone, sharing its global mission to deliver health through food to as many people as possible. Our research and innovation areas have evolved, but we still begin with insights into nutrients and their role in optimal health, and build on that knowledge to tailor solutions for nutritional needs throughout the lifespan of our target populations.

Our History

Our organisation is dynamic and has a rich history. Nutricia Research was founded in the Netherlands in 1896 by two brothers, Jan and Martinus van der Hagen. We began developing infant formulas, inspired by the work of Prof. Backhaus in mimicking human milk. Not long afterwards, we created the first nutritional product for diabetic patients and those suffering from goitre (a thyroid condition linked to a lack of iodine in the diet). Today, Nutricia Research continues to work from our global research and innovation hub in the Netherlands and our efforts are directed toward our two missions: “Stand by mums to nurture new lives” and “Pioneering medical discoveries to help people live longer, healthier lives”.

Company structure

Nutricia Research is part of Danone. With a shared mission to deliver health through food, to as many people as possible, Nutricia Research aims to create nutritional solutions for vulnerable groups. Our organisational structure supports both knowledge sharing between Danone divisions, as well as providing the agility that comes from a decentralised decision-making structure.

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