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The Complutense University of Madrid (UCM) is the largest university in Spain and one of the most prestigious in Europe. Its teaching and research centers are mainly on the Moncloa Campus, in the “Ciudad Universitaria”, and on the Somosaguas Campus. There are also some other buildings in the centre of Madrid. The UCM is strategically located in Spain’s capital city, and is easy to reach from anywhere in the Community of Madrid by metro, bus and commuter train and cycle lane. In addition with links between the two campuses.
The UCM is a broad-scoped university offering 293 official degrees of which 71 correspond to bachelor degrees and 155 to master degrees. For these degrees UCM counts on more than 70.000 students distributed among the faculties, university schools and associated centres.
Both students and researchers benefit from a vast collection of volumes in the UCM library (more than 2,7 million of volumes), as well periodic publications exceeding 75.000. The historic collection of at the UCM’s library reaches 194.000 volumes and there are substantial historic and artistic funds all over the 12 museums and the 11 art, entomological, palaeontological, etc. collections.

UCM: Campus of International Excellence

UCM is located in the “Campus de Moncloa” at Ciudad Universitaria of Madrid. This location is a large space devoted to Science and Higher Education. With over 10,000 researchers and 10% of the national scientific production of Spain the “Campus de Moncloa”, which houses two universities and several research centres is a unique environment, fostering synergies in higher education, research, innovation and social and cultural projection.
This uniqueness has favoured the awarding of the “Campus of International Excellence” label to the institutions joining this “Campus de Moncloa”. The UCM through the Campus of International Excellence is committed to specialization in five thematic clusters to achieve scientific and teaching excellence: Global Change and New Energies, Materials for the Future, Agri-Food Industry and Health, Innovative Medicine and Heritage. The distinctive strengths of each cluster will converge to create unique configurations marked by their innovative and interdisciplinary character, highly competitive at the European level, and producing significant progress in knowledge transfer.
More information on the Moncloa Campus of Excellence can be found on http://www.campusmoncloa.es/en/."

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